Careless from without, careless within!!!!

The source of all problems is carelessness.

 “I resolve to be careful henceforth and do my work meticulously”. I bet this is the promise most of us make to ourselves whenever a mishap happens only to realise it was for naught. Because it turns out careless, like ugliness is to the bone.

 After jeopardising my friendship with my friend on losing her pendrive I thought I had learnt my lesson. Because I couldn’t afford losing a friend as our worth in the society (by which I mean in my class) is measured by the number of friends we have. And being a person who has a limited number of friends to show off, I just couldn’t take the risk. If only I had known that my next bout of carelessness would show itself sooner than the span of most of the flings now a days, I wouldn’t have wasted all my time and tears apologising for the pendrive. 

  This time it so happened that I was running for God only knows what reason and somehow my phone found way through my pocket, because you know , somehow antigravity and then the magic of gravity and bang!!!!! Nice pattern on the screen….. Then your knowledge of forensic medicine kicks in and you start applying Puppe’s rule and determining which crack could have come first before you realise the gravity of the situation. 

Next follows a sequence of event: 

1. Calling up every one of your friends on your contact list ( even the ones you had pledged never to talk to) and explaining to them whatever the hell happened. So by the time it comes to the last friend the blame is ultimately on the phone for having such a feeble screen. ( Screw responsibleness)

2.  Replaying the unanticipated scene in your mind a million times and devising plans of how you could have avoided it. (Of course in vain).

3.  This is when guilty conscience whips you hard on the ass and you start wondering if your parents would disown you. Now this might sound a little absurd as ‘it’s just a screen ‘ (like one of my friends described his concern over this issue). But having the ‘screen’ broken a myriadfold, there are high chances. And considering even 6 months haven’t passed since I bought this phone, asking my parents for money was put of question. 

4. Next step- blaming the parents. Because genetics!! If laziness can be inherited so can be carelessness. 

5. The realization of not having much options and cajoling yourself into not doing anything about it. Because what harm can a shattered screen do except for cutting your fingers and infecting your pulp spaces? Come on , no one’s died of it I’m sure. 

 So the lesson I’ve learnt from this ‘accident’ is that you can’t stop being what you. No matter how hard you try your flaws latch onto you like a sperm to an ovum without which you wouldn’t have come into being with such awesome imperfections. 

 Most of the teachers say that they remember the students who excel in studies but mostly the ones that are notorious. So remember that your flaws are what make you unique and if this is the way you can avoid oblivion then be it!!!!



 Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. 
Hola fellow earthlings. It took me about two whole days to think about what I should be writing in my very first post. Stupid, I know. I mean come on, most of the bloggers must’ve started with a whole plan in mind and stuff. And then there are those like me who in the heat of the moment think they can do whatever they want to, maybe even start a blog! And when the adrenaline and cortisol levels go down and we are back to our normal lazy selves, reality hits us hard: did you really think you could do this? Start a blog? What will you write about given that you’re  neither creative nor a good writer? 

So guys after two long days of procrastinating and driving myself nuts, I have finally decided to put forth my story. I know you guys would have much more interesting and adventurous stories yourselves but hey, it doesn’t hurt to know a little bit of others’ right! Who knows, you may even develop a liking for mine. 

So here goes………

 9 months and a half into my 21st year, soon to enter my 22nd year, persuing MBBS (I made it to my 3rd year, rather surprisingly), I am just another normal girl having no excitement at all in my life. Everyday it’s almost the same routine: wake up, attend college (which mostly involves sleeping in class and gawking at people), come back, watch a couple episodes of kdrama until my head explodes, sleep and repeat. And then there’s always the stalking my crush on social media, thinking of ways I’d grt him to talk to me, blah blah …..

One fine morning, like two days ago it just occured to me, well it wasn’t the first time though, I mean it’s a thought that’s perpetually there at the back of my mind; what am I doing in life?  Otherwise it hits me at the time of exams when I just waltz into the exam hall half-assed. But this time it was different. I really wanted to do something other than living the same old boring day over and over again. 

The place I hail from requires me to not have a life other than my academics and exams. If done otherwise, you are sure to be the hot topic of gossip in every household and not to mention the lamenting on how you were a disgrace to the family. But enough was enough!!!! I didn’t want to just be known through my education background. I remembered my friend suggesting me to start my blog about 2 years back when I was smarter and had a lot of potential. Now three years into MBBS and I’m basically reduced to nothing more than a meathead!!! 

But no more am I going to give in to the reigns of my culture and the bounds of social stigma. No more hiding under the roof of pretense as I unfurl the not so interesting mysteries and adventures of my messed up life, a mess which I’ve grown to embrace because hey, if you can’t get out of it then might as well man up and suck it up!!!!     

                                           To be continued…….